Jan 31, 2011

Mobile Phone Antivirus and Security

Phonelocator periodic-  Phonelocator Periodic is a free phone tracking service. It supports Global positioning system, Wi-Fi and cell ID tracking. Updates can also be activated distantly by sending an Subscriber identity module message to the phone. Subscriber identity module changed notification is supported by the Phonelocator Periodic application - a friend can be notified via Short Message Service when the Subscriber identity module card in your phone is changed.

f-secure -  Full protection against viruses and spy ware, A firewall to stop hacker attacks, Browsing protection that identifies unsecured web sites, Defense against identity theft,Blocking of spam and phishing e-mails, Parental control.

Wavesecure- Remotely lock down your device, Back up your data from your phone or remotely on the web, Access your data online from anyplace. Restore data to a new phone, Locate your lost phone and plot the locations on a map, Track Subscriber identity module(SIM) cards inserted and phone calls made to help get your misplace phone back.

www.microlmt.net - When the robber changes your Subscriber identity module(SIM) card, by another Subscriber identity module(SIM) card, the phone will instantly detect the same and send the new SIM card number along with Operator based Global positioning system(GPS) Cell Tower Location to the secondary phone number, earlier entered by you.

Once you receive the new Subscriber identity module(SIM) card number, you can go to the police station. The police, with help of the telecoms service provider, can locate the identity of the thief and help you can obtain your phone.

It is also possible for you to send a message from your relatives phone to your phone number, which will delete all the data on your cell phone, thereby defending the data from falling into unscrupulous handes.

Kespersky -  You’ve full control over which of your contacts and phone numbers you want to keep ‘private’.  Hide and unhide phonebook numbers, SMS and call logs at the touch of a button.You may detect a stolen or misplaced smart phone using the integral  Global positioning system(GPS) Find function. Secure contacts, photos and files from unauthorized access, Prevent unwanted Short Message Service or calls, provide Parental control,Protect smart phone from malware network attacks and malware.


Jan 25, 2011

Useful linux application- Wine

Wine –window remains till date, very most popular operating system, which sure that more application and software are developed for it than for  other Operating systems, which confirm that it is most popular operating system. I am currently using window 7 ultimate. I think that this is best operating system. I have tried many Linux operating systems. If you want try Linux operating system wine is very useful application for you.
 Wine provides the window application supportable layer in Linux operating systems. It makes windows supportable application for Linux capable of running window application. Using wine, Linux user can run even complicated applications such as Photo shop and Microsoft office etc, and you can play windows games such as staracraft 2 and half life 2. Wine has seen major development in compatibility and stability in recent times, and continues to be very keenly developed.
 Wine make sure that   those coming to world of do not have to leave their much loved application behind, giving them so far another reason to shift to a free operating system. For these reasons and many other it‘s the best software for Linux platform.



Jan 18, 2011

Top ten Mac software

Adium - Adium has support  for pretty  much every  instant  messenger protocol out there- Google talk to twitter  to facebook chat even IRC. Presentation is excellent. It might be just an intent messenger, but it is the producer of all instant messengers and it just happens  to be on the Mac Even the meanest of apple critics have a soft spot for this cute little messengers. 

Quicksilver - This one is must have for Mac keyboard warriors. Quicksilver is an application that allows users to rapidly complete tasks without having to click through several menus and windows it can also be used to rapidly search through important locations. Plug-ins only makes this application most powerful. Same software for other platform was influenced by Quicksilver’s approach.

Transmission - Even Mac OS X users like to download. One of the few bitorrent clients to made for Mac OS X has been transmission . It is famous on Linux, but it is popularity has increase to Mac OS X And also to devices especially NAS and download boxes.

Handbrake - on of the more easy-to-easy use media  trancoder out. It is specially designed to rapidly convert your videos into H.264 content. It is highly multithreaded for performance too.

Growl- growl is a desktop notification application that shows alert and notifications for events to do with application on your system. For example. You shall receive a popup when a download it completed or when you connect a flash drive to your PC . The good thing is it is highly customizable and has support a wide range of software.

Firefox-Firefox’s fire has spread to the Mac OS X. a lot of users prefer to use Firefox as their primary browser over safari. Extension support means there are end-less possibilities. A must tries if you have not it yet.

The Unarchiver - the  Unarchiver is the OX X substitute to 7 Zip and a replacement  for the somewhat handicapped archive utility  on platforms. The Unarchiver supports compressed formats to the older ZIP and LHA formats. To the latest 7zip formats.

VLC- VLC player has been around for ages now. And it appears for ages now. And it appears it is still the best all-in-one media player for Mac platform. It supports almost all the formats, can be used for transcoding and even for streaming media.
Super duper- system backup are simple on windows PCs. But when it comes to taking backups of fully working Mac OS X installation. Super Duper can get the job done it is not free. But the $27.95 is totally worth the peace of mind.
Things - task management is an important task by itself. With application being developed for everything from window to Linux to even mobile platforms. Things are one application that you cannot miss if you have a 100 thing to do.

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