Dec 6, 2010

Photo Fun

Like your picture on a hoarding, magazine cover, or in an art gallery? You do not want Photoshop abilities to handle such tricks, as there are lots of websites that will permit you to do that and much more. You may change any picture in some easy steps and even directly publish it on to social networking sites. One such tree websites is all you have to do is load your picture, choose the photo effect, and the rest will be taken care of. There are 100s of diverse photo effects that you can select from. The templates range from advertising, athletes, art models magazines,   movie star hoarding, costume,  etc. you can even create animations and videos using your pictures. Once you have created the effect of own choice, simply email it or share it using social networking sites. A face in hole application is also presented for iphone users. is an additional grate website that allows you create cool photo effects, while some of its features are paid. It has a number of great features like sketchpad and word mosaic, which allow you to create your own collection of symbols, images and words. This site offers the best collection of photo frames, classic,  ranging from animation, friendship, vintage, advertisements characters,  and more. You can download the imageChef application for iphone or Android phones.

Nov 28, 2010

Make your mark in Mobile Space

The virtual world is speedily going mobile, and smartphones are easing this by offering internet access. If you are facilitating this by offering internet  access. If you are an eager blogger and seeming at the mobile platform to develop the fiscal value of your blog, going WAP from a WWW base is the key.
One free of charge tool that let you do this is presented at ‘’. Not only do their web portals help you mobilize you blog, but also it help you monetize it.

The Buzz deck application
Your website may obtain featured diagonally different platform similar to the iphone , and android phones through mippin’s frequent and social media aggregator  application-buzz deck. Really increases for android, this application won Google’s 2009 universal application challenge. It boasts of instant access to an excess of websites, including facebook, twitter and flickr. As the buzz deck application logo recommend, it follows a playing card-style user interface that facilitates better management. The application is currently supported by the HTC hero, HTC magic, Samsung moment. LG Eve, Acer liquid, and Apple iPhone, and a few extras.

Getting started
The first step towards mobilizing your blog is to pick the apt resources. Convert you blog entries into RSS feed creates it more appealing and more easily navigable, especially on a small screen.
 To begin, go to ‘’.click the ‘sign in mippin moblizer’ button. On the sub-sequent page, click the ‘sign up’ link to create you mippin account. Fill in you detail, and an E-mail authentication will be send to specified account. Before you proceed, sure that it supports RSS feeds.

Mobilize your blog
You can mobilize blogs that are created using the typepad, blogger, wordpress, movable type and live journal platform, among others. But you’ll have to confirm that only own the blog that you want to mobilize, and that the multimedia files, graphics and the text content is free  from any copyright  limitations. One time you have logged in to own mippin account, you may start mobilizing your blog  click  the ‘Mippin Mobilizer’ tab showing on the top-left side of your page. In the ‘mobilize’ section, type in URL of your in the ‘please enter your website  or RSS feed URL to get  started’ text box. This will not work if some else have already registered your blog. If such an issue, send an email with you details to ‘’. Next, select the display layout option appearing under the ‘select layout for mobile site’. Part of Page. A completely functional preview of your WAP site on smartphone screen is displayed on right. You can even browse through the listed hyperlinks. Click ‘Next’ to processed with customizing blog.

Customizing WAP
 One time you have made your blog mobile phone– compatible, you can customize it to suit the mobile platform to start out, give your blog an uniqueness. For this, you shall need a logo; ideally a 120*30 pixel image. If you don’t have an image this size, just upload it is and the website will scale it for you. Confirm that once you set the logo, the header color selected is compatible with it next, give your site a name which can be typed in the ‘site name’ text box. You may set the site name text though the ‘text color’ section. Ensure you choose a ‘section color’ that is in contrast with the name on your WAP blog. You can also choose a color for the hyperlinks   on your WAP blog using the ‘link color’ option. Click ‘preview’ to see the value you have set. Click ‘Next’ to publish your blog.

Generating a WAP site widget
 Once you have customized your WAP site to your linking, you must spread the word to obtain some hits on it. If you wish to make public your WAP site even more dynamically, you can allow users to generate a widget for it through your online blog. For this, create fast access link. Type a matchless name for your blog in the text box provided after the ‘’. Click ‘saves’ to register the link. List a little tags in the text box so that your site can be located easily when searched for. To put the WAP site link as a widget on your blog, perform the following steps. Click the ‘add to typepad’ or ‘blogger’ button if you are using these services. Unless, select the code from the text box and create the widget for own blog.

Monetize Your Mobilized Blog or Sites
 If you want to monetize your WAP site, you can do so using Admob, a mobile advertising platform from by Google, which gives your services via Mippin. Then again, you shall require an AdMob account to initiate advertising your blog. For that, go to ‘’ and ‘create an account ‘once your account is validate, you must make a campaign by following the applicable steps specified on the site. For instance, you can set fiscal targets, control traffic in flow, settle the target devices, etc. once done, type your AdMob site ID in identified textbox on the monetize tab of your Mippin page. Check the ‘Enable Advertising?’ option and click ‘Finish’ completing.  

Nov 22, 2010


 GOLOBAL WARMING is most important problem in world.I described about different search engine but darkoogle is some different from these search engines. darkoogle use google server for finding the result.
White screen electric consumption more. But black screen less electric consumption  from white screen. This darkoogle you can save as default screen.

Website are   or
Some important information for you
·         If you are surfing normal web site. Than 20 milli gam carban -di- oxide per second producing

·         If website is complex(include video. Animation and application) than 300 mille gram per second carbon di oxide producing per second.

·         If your computer is stand by condition than its produce 40 to 60 Milli gram carbon-Di -oxide per hour.

Some important tips
·         If you are not using computer please completely turn off your computer
·         If you are not using internet than completely disconnect your modem or connection
·         If you are not using any website. Close the website from brewers.
·         if   In your home page five-six website set than if you connect form internet than all website open same time. this is not Eco-friendly . please only one website set as home page.

you can understand what’s a problem please save the environment.

Nov 12, 2010

Collection of useful Free Multimedia Tools or Software

Foobar2000 1.                                     *****
For  download                                        
This venerable and free alternative audio player has long been appreciated by hardcore customization enthusiasts, but Foobar2000 isn't just for early adopters or software jukebox fetishists. It doesn't mess with impressive buttons or bright colors, instead preferring a utilitarian, directly forward user interface to let the music speak for itself.

Karafun 1.18                                                      *****
For  download                               
KaraFun gives a complete solution for home karaoke. This karaoke software is based on a powerful and evaluative 3D animation engine. KaraFun contains an easy to use editor which can import many existing karaoke songs. Even if it is supporting KAR files, it is planned to work with digital file and it introduces the new KFN file format. The editor allows building unique and funny karaoke fill.

Media Player Classic                              *****               
It is small size, low memory footprint, and numerous features make this the media player of choice, but you must add the proper codec to perfect this freeware. Media Player Classic's interface reflects its title--retro, old school, basic. This single player easily replaces the four or five video players installed on most systems. The only caveat is that you must download a complete set of codec to play your favorite video formats. Media Player Classic also easily loads and plays DVDs. We liked how you can easily increase or decrease playback speed. 

OtsTurntables Free 1.0.047                              ****             
OtsTurntables Free is a free (no spyware, no banner ads), virtual set of professional mixing turntables that empowers music lovers, aspiring DJs, and pros to scratch, adjust tempo and pitch, play backwards, and mix MP3s, WAVs, Ots files, and CDs. DJ your next party like a pro, or just enjoy listening to your MP3 mixed professionally at home with the auto-DJ function. You'll love the optional, warm vinyl-crackle ambience, and the built-in Dynamics Processor will save you juggling that volume knob ever again.

QuickTime Alternative 3.1.1                                ****              
QuickTime Alternative will allow you to play QuickTime files (.mov, .qt and other extensions) without having to install the official QuickTime Player or put up with the QT nags. It also supports QuickTime content that is embedded in webpages.

UltraPlayer Media Player 2.112                                     ****               
Clean and clever, UltraPlayer is a solid media player contender. It’s simple interface keeps controls close at hand and offers some handy tools in a few clicks. Standard audio and video formats are supported as are the requisite skins and visuals (though there seem to be precious few available). UltraPlayer's limits emerge in its handling of URLs: focused on Internet radio, the program had trouble loading online MP3s or videos in our tests--and for some this may be a deal breaker.

ZiggyTV 3.5.5                                           ****             
Ziggy TV - Watch and download free movies, mp3 music and live TV shows, movies and torrents. Award winning software providing the smartest and fastest access to millions of songs, MP3s, movies, TV shows, live video channels and games. Ziggy TV combines powerful Gnutella and BitTorrent technology with effortless live channel streaming to give you the world's best online entertainment experience with the least amount of hassle.

Zoom Player Standard 5.02                            *****                       
Zoom Player can be compared to a game of chess, it can be learned by a 4-year old in minutes, but it may take a lifetime to explore its feature rich yet unbolted capabilities. Zoom Player supports every format imaginable, updated on a regular basis; every feature is fully documented, supports all the latest playback technologies  and sports one of the most active support forums you can imagine.

Nov 2, 2010

Useful Operating Systems ( Jolicloud)

Jolicloud is one of the flashier Linux motorized netbook operating system almost. It is absolutely heavy weight or compact at 600Mb about. Impressive about the interface makes it look  very much like  a very sleek  phone  or PDA interface – thin lines, ground on a compact net book screen .if you do not want buy new computer or laptop then this operating system is build for you.

The operating system can be run as a live operating system on a USB drive and also can be installed easily on a flash drive. Performance once installed is decent.boot up and loading of the user is slow though. The great thing about Jolicloud is that it is not just is cloud-based operating system. Application are available locally and many more can be downloaded with it is built in installer that downloads programs for you. Web based add-ons are available as well the number of applications keeps on increasing. With these applications. You can now open up your twitter and face book account like you would say Google talk.
Conclusion result is a very interactive, yet very usable computing experience .the interface and way of doing things is simple for anybody to get used to. Data is yet stored locally.

They have also been designed to keep computing really trouble-free. Google chrome operating system is one of the first tactics computing this way.

These pages should lead into you to some of the best net book operating systems presented for free on the internet. Clearly, you would not want to buy a cheap little book and spend a bomb on a operating system .that is not properly design to be used. 

For download jolicloud click

For other review and comments about jolicloud click

Oct 23, 2010

Assemble own ultimate ultra personal computer

Many people are confuse about which component best for personal computer. Primary components decide personal computer efficiency. Therefore primary components choose carefully. There we presents best assembly computer in my experiences. I hope this is best personal computer assembly.
Option 1-that option 1 for build ultimate ultra personal computer.               
Option 2-that option 2 for build ultra personal  computer.


Option 1               
Option 2


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Intel core i7 920


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Msi  x 58 pro-e


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Kingston hyperx T 2000 2*3 GB DDR3

Graphics card

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Hard drive

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It’s also available in much size. You can choose any size.

Wd black edition 1 TB


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For best result you can choose hemi port.

For best result you can choose hemi port.


Antec 900 
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Antec 900

Sound card

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Asus Xonar DX


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Keyboard and Mouse
Logitech G15 (keyboard) 
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Mouse Pad

Steel series QCK heavy 
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Razer Goliathus speed  Visit there site for other

Before assemble computer components. Please take advice from computer expert and deeply search computer specifications.   

Oct 14, 2010

More about Software Tracker

Cyber criminal have a several causes to observe your web activity. Best  Trojans  and worms approximately at present. Do not provide any detectable signs of infection and are pretty multipurpose. Many of them are in constant contact with remote servers. That keeps changing to keep away from detection. Patches and updates are often transmitted to malware. The malware doesn’t want to monitor and send back whole activities on the infected machine. There are two parts to malware for example a Trojan or a worm. One part is infecting agent. This extends from machine to machine. The additional part, called the payload, is a set of instructions, naturally used to send the back data. This can be lesser, simple key logger, that monitors, after the”@” symbol and say 12 characters before, then
Dispatch it back to the cyber criminal. Even unless you use the”@” symbol to logins, these payloads can monitor each time an alphanumeric sequence or string has numbers and odd character used with no spaces. It is sufficient to return the username and password to your e-mail. Some of these payloads are modern enough to peek into your RAM for patterns of data. This means that if your system is infected, and enters your credit card number even in a safe website, the data can be intercepted on it is technique from your keyboard, and transmits to these cyber criminals.
This type of malware is used for two prime aims. The most general one is the making of botnets for spamming. These botnets are simple to detect, truly closely monitored, and simple to take down additionally. There are a different set of botnets used for information collecting, and financial fiddles.
 These botnets are lesser, more focused, not easy to detect, and very advanced, the botnets have version numbers, and opposite to famous notion, the malware is not deteriorate by not extending as fast as it can. Alternatively, it does not deteriorate by avoiding detection, and allows whoever is managing the botnet to have a protected environment to work in. the copy protection on most recent version of the Zeus botnet examine the system, and locks itself to the specific machine. Zeus is use to collect financial information en masse from banking servers and e-commerce. Zeus too collets login allocates to a large range of web sites, involving my space  and  face book the Zeus is international, and India is between the most infected Nations.
Zeus is get form of malware, using many of equal principles as conficcker outbreak. Even up to date antivirus software does not detect a Zeus infection. Access to Zeus commands as much a United State $3800(about) when it is sold on underground networks. The largest difficulty is that main security breaches are muted up and never made open. This is for the reason that financial organizations do not want to disclose at the whole information on the extent of the technique or negotiation used.