Oct 1, 2010

What is Cyber Crime

Cyber crime- refers to any crimes that contain a computer and a network.

Cyber stalking- Cyber -stalking refers to the use of the internet, email, or other. Electronics communication devices to stalk. Follow or keep track of another person. In cyber stalking the criminal commits repeted acts of threatening behavior with regard to the injured party by using internet services such as e mail or social networking websites.
 Denial of services- in this cyber criminal flood the band width of the victim’s network with repeated requests, eventually this consumes the band width of the network which then fails to serve genuine requests and finally breaks down.

Online fraud- this includes anything from phishing website, email scams, virus hoax email. Fraudster create seemingly authentic website or email the victim to divulge sensitive information such as login ids and passwords.

E-mail abuse- Receiving offensive E mail from an unidentified person. This may include receipt of an insulting / obscene Content.

E mail hacking/ privacy attack- someone approach your email or social networking account.

Hacking- this involves illegal/ unofficial disturbance into a computer system or network.

Cyber impersonation /cyber defamation- If someone sets up a wrong profile of you on a social networking web site and post from that profile.

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