Nov 22, 2010


 GOLOBAL WARMING is most important problem in world.I described about different search engine but darkoogle is some different from these search engines. darkoogle use google server for finding the result.
White screen electric consumption more. But black screen less electric consumption  from white screen. This darkoogle you can save as default screen.

Website are   or
Some important information for you
·         If you are surfing normal web site. Than 20 milli gam carban -di- oxide per second producing

·         If website is complex(include video. Animation and application) than 300 mille gram per second carbon di oxide producing per second.

·         If your computer is stand by condition than its produce 40 to 60 Milli gram carbon-Di -oxide per hour.

Some important tips
·         If you are not using computer please completely turn off your computer
·         If you are not using internet than completely disconnect your modem or connection
·         If you are not using any website. Close the website from brewers.
·         if   In your home page five-six website set than if you connect form internet than all website open same time. this is not Eco-friendly . please only one website set as home page.

you can understand what’s a problem please save the environment.

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