Nov 2, 2010

Useful Operating Systems ( Jolicloud)

Jolicloud is one of the flashier Linux motorized netbook operating system almost. It is absolutely heavy weight or compact at 600Mb about. Impressive about the interface makes it look  very much like  a very sleek  phone  or PDA interface – thin lines, ground on a compact net book screen .if you do not want buy new computer or laptop then this operating system is build for you.

The operating system can be run as a live operating system on a USB drive and also can be installed easily on a flash drive. Performance once installed is decent.boot up and loading of the user is slow though. The great thing about Jolicloud is that it is not just is cloud-based operating system. Application are available locally and many more can be downloaded with it is built in installer that downloads programs for you. Web based add-ons are available as well the number of applications keeps on increasing. With these applications. You can now open up your twitter and face book account like you would say Google talk.
Conclusion result is a very interactive, yet very usable computing experience .the interface and way of doing things is simple for anybody to get used to. Data is yet stored locally.

They have also been designed to keep computing really trouble-free. Google chrome operating system is one of the first tactics computing this way.

These pages should lead into you to some of the best net book operating systems presented for free on the internet. Clearly, you would not want to buy a cheap little book and spend a bomb on a operating system .that is not properly design to be used. 

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