Sep 19, 2010

Internet Surfing and its Side Effects

Today trillions web pages available internet. some sites are useful but some are not. many website hosting sites are available. which provides domain name and web hosting facilities. they generally charge 1 to 10$ per month or years. some hosting sites offers free limited space and there site handling is very easy as that provide about unlimited web space in some therefore unlimited websites are available in internet. subscriber are confused.
Internet surfing, chatting and social networking   are popular time-past today mainly in younger generation. I   do not say this wrong but this right in controlled manner otherwise this disease .please more than 6 hour per day not sit in internet. cyber world  is not real world.
Today many porn sites in net .due to this  sexual harassment  cases are increasing per day. if your kids are surfing in net please block  these sites in own computer system. this type site effect is wrong in mind.
 Cyber security is most important part of internet. today we are shopping online by credit card or net banking .before shopping please check website security certificate. often main sign of secure websites is https://  this type of generally secure. For more tips you can also visit   you can also antivirus install in your system. many type of virus, worms ,Trojans, spyware and others threats available in net. My  own experiences quick heal total security antivirus this light and pc to mobile scanning provides. and other best five antivirus also you may try its
Some antivirus give free trial
some description about threats
spy warekind of malware that can be installed on computer and collects little bits of information at a time about users without knowledge.
Worms- A  worm is a self-replicating program malware computer uses yours network for send information other node.
Trojans- Trojans  is malware that appears to perform  unauthorized access of the user's computer system.
This is my personal experiences I hope this blog provide information about security and side effects of internet .Thanks

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