Sep 24, 2010

Saber-tooth of Motherboards

 I think it’s call monster of motherboards   EVGA W555 .I think designers of this mother board have surely not heard of global warming. If you have any idea what goes on mother. Keep the passions.
Specification key features for more
  • ·         12 DDR3 RAM slots, and you may use Non ECC normal DRAMs but also ECC Ram                              
  • ·           7 PCI expansion slots.                                             
  • ·         Two LGA 1166 Sockets.                                         
  • ·         Motherboard is 381mm width by 345mm length.                           
  • ·         Mother board support 4-way quad fire.                                    
 you can plug 16 cores and use 7 GPU.

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